Garden trellising can be a great way to add character to any garden. With easy implementation and the various attractive styles available it can be implemented into most garden projects.

The trellis structure can meet both decorative and functional requirements.

Support and showcasing plants

The framework of trellising is ideal to support climber plants such as vines, roses and honeysuckle plants. There are different ways of using garden trellising depending on your plants, such as freestanding structures or attaching to a wall.

Hide away less attractive areas

With multiple bins now widely used for recycling and waste assorting you can find this taking up quite a bit of space in the garden with not the prettiest of view. Garden trellising can be used to providing screening for these less-desirable areas.

And create more attractive areas

If you are looking to create sections or secluded areas in your garden or perhaps an area for alfresco dining, then trellis fencing can be a creative way to achieve this without blocking out any light. Make your private area more visually pleasing by painting the trellis, fixing small plants to posts or even some solar fairy lights.

What can garden trellising do for your garden?
What can garden trellising do for your garden?

Make a garden feature

Creating an arch with trellis for plants to grow up and over is a beautiful way to add a feature to your garden paths. Use a trellis fence with climbing plants covering it, or plant pots attached to it to create a backing to your patio or private areas of the garden. Create a secret garden, frames, dividing walls or a privacy screen.

Increase your garden privacy

Gardens are often over looked by neighbours and so garden trellising can help create a more private feel to your garden that is more visually pleasing then traditional fencing panels. Trellis is cost effective and available in many styles and colours, you can use full trellis panels or add trellis to the top of your current fencing to add extra height or interest.

Kiwi Landscapes can supply and install a wide range of garden trellis, available in different sizes, colours, shapes, patterns and strengths. Our variety expands across some of the most popular choices and most commonly used.

Does all this sound like too much effort?
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