Garden Fencing & Trellising
Garden Fencing & Trellising
Garden Fencing & Trellising


Garden fencing is a great way to add a feeling of seclusion to your garden. Choice of fencing ranges from high end to good quality cheaper products. Whatever your budget there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Garden trellising can be a great way to add character to any garden, with easy implementation and the various attractive styles available it can be implemented into most garden projects.

A trellis is a structure that can be used to support and display climber plants, be used to create garden walls and divides and used on top of garden fences or walls. Trellis fences are usually made with latticework held together by frames and posts, most commonly made from wood however metal options are also used.

Trellises come in many styles and colours to suit the surroundings. Diamond or square lattice panels, concave and convex trellis panels, small hole trellis as well as some heavy-duty panels. Panels come with straight or shaped tops.

Trellis can be used to make features within a garden such as archways to allow climber plants such as vines, roses and honeysuckle plants to grow up and over. Longer and larger gardens can use trellising to partition out areas of the garden.

Kiwi Landscapes can supply and install a wide range of garden fencing and trellis, available in different sizes, colours, shapes, patterns and strengths. Our variety expands across some of the most popular choices and most commonly used.

See more examples of our Garden Trellising & Fencing work below.

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