Garden Design by Kiwi Landscapes
Garden Design by Kiwi Landscapes
Garden Design by Kiwi Landscapes


Kiwi Landscapes have been designing gardens in West London for over 10 years. We are primarily a design-build company, taking the project through from conception to completion. This allows us to produce high quality Concept Designs, focused primarily on the layout, style and atmosphere of the garden, for an unbeatable price.

Starting your landscaping project with a design is advantageous in several ways:

  • Comprehension is the most obvious thing that a design will provide. Because our designs are 3D digital models, you’ll have a very good idea of how the completed project will look and feel.
  • The initial outlay for a design is money well spent and will likely be recouped as you’ll have a more efficient build, with minimal delays.
  • A plan can help you maximise your space and avoid making costly mistakes. Compromise is a fact of life in many London gardens where space is limited, and this is especially true if you have a family with conflicting needs. Resolving things at the planning stage helps you prioritise and achieve the best value for money.



Creativity – a unique design for your garden.

Value for money – we usually create your design on the computer, enabling us to produce a comprehensive concept design package with 3D models, still and moving graphics, mood boards, product guides and information.

Experience – we have a wealth of experience in not only designing, but also building and maintaining gardens. We understand which techniques and materials give the best value and long-term results.

Efficient – We take care of the whole project from design through to completion, including planting and maintenance, if required. No need for endless meetings, nothing gets lost in translation and any issues are highlighted and resolved as quickly as possible.



Firstly, we will produce a concept drawing(s). This will show you the look and layout of the garden. Feedback is always welcome, and we can then make any amendments, if necessary.

Your design portfolio will also contain a video fly-through of the garden, so you can easily visualise the final product.

Each design comes with an initial quote, suggesting appropriate materials. This will give you a good indication of the cost of the work. This quote also will include a price for planting, based on our standard, meter squared rate. Please note this will need to be amended once the actual plants have been chosen.

Because we handle everything in-house, we don’t provide Specifications & Orders of Work, and there are no project management fees, saving you a significant amount.

Design Fees for a typical front or back garden start from £350.

The basic price includes one round of amendments to fine tune the design. Any further changes may be chargeable at £60/hr, depending on scope.

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