What is instant hedging?

Instant hedging refers to hedge units that have been grown in troughs (usually a metre long) and have been regularly pruned whilst allowing the plants to knit together to form a solid hedging unit. Not only do the hedge plants knit together, so do the root systems, which makes for a strong, healthy hedge with a high success rate once planted. Instant hedges can be planted at any time of year, making them a convenient hedge planting choice, however Autumn is the perfect time to implement.

Why is instant hedging so great?

  1. The effect is instant and impressive – the perfect way for achieving an established hedge quickly.
  2. There is a wide variety of choice. Ready to plant hedges come in varying levels of maturity so you can get hedging that looks as though it has been there for years. Instant hedging is also available in a wide choice of species – from Hawthorn to Yew, Privet to Laurel, and many more varieties to choose from.
  3. Can be used to repair a damaged hedge. Instant hedges also ideal for filling gaps or replacing damaged hedges. The large variety of maturity levels and styles allow for the creation of an infill hedge that works harmoniously with the existing hedges, plants and greenery in your garden.
  4. They are wildlife friendly. A hedge is an excellent natural shelter for wildlife and can shield your garden from the wind. Fences are quick and easy to put up, but don’t offer much for any animals which might live in your garden. They can also deflect the wind in a way that can damage fragile plants. Hedges on the other hand, can be a mini paradise for animals, full of fruit, shelter and cover.
  5. Can act as a noise filter and aids privacy and security. A hedge is great for absorbing dust and noise and evergreen hedging can provide year-round privacy by acting as an effective visual screen. Meanwhile a prickly hedge such as Hawthorn or Holly is a great intruder deterrent.
  6. Flexible implementation. Have you ever tried to erect a fence in a curve or circular shape? Hedge planting meanwhile can be carried out in pretty much any shape formation.
  7. Long term economies of scale. A well-planted hedge is very economical in the long term compared with fencing and brick work. Hedges are remarkably long-living and can last hundreds of years!

Kiwi Landscapes can supply and install a wide range of hedging, available in 1 metre long sections and ranging in height from 1 metre to 4. Our variety expands across some of the most popular choices and most common hedge plants used.

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